Macri’s Facilities

Macri Roofing, Inc. is located at 36 Duffy Avenue in Meriden, Connecticut with easy access to Interstate 691 and the Berlin Turnpike. The Macri Roofing facilities include a spacious showroom with samples of the quality roofing supplies that Macri brings to every project—from small scale residential to full scale commercial reroofing. A full team of sales associates and support staff are available during regular business hours to give quotes for service and provide quality customer support.

The Macri Roofing facilities also boast a company-owned and operated commercial sheet metal company. Macri’s sheet metal facilities include a variety of large-scale equipment, including the AutoBrake. Having a full-scale sheet metal company on the premises allows Macri Roofing to provide skilled craftsmanship and speedy service on every roofing project, including some of the unique projects featured in our portfolio.