architecturalshinglesmallThe rapidly emerging solar and green energy markets represent potential for you to lower your energy bill, increase your property’s value, receive tax incentives and help the environment. Macri Roofing is a solar energy systems integrator dedicated to facilitating the implementation of solar technologies for commercial, industrial, government, and residential entities seeking the benefits of renewable energy production. We offer a wide array of services from small scale residential applications to large scale commercial projects.

The Power of the Sun

Clean, efficient and sustainable. 20 days of sunshine = the Earth’s total coal, oil, and natural gas reserves

Why Make the Move to Solar?

HipRoofSolarsmallLower your energy bill: Gain energy independence and reduce your exposure to rapidly rising utility costs

Tax incentives and rebates make it more affordable than ever: 30% federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation and additional state incentives

Increase the value of your property: Every $1 reduction in annual utility bills adds $20 to the value of the property (Source: National Appraisal Journal and EPA)

Reap environmental benefits: Reduce dependency on traditional pollutant resources, slow global warming and minimize your carbon footprint

Prove your competitive edge and innovation: Decrease dependency on traditional, pollutant energy sources and increase green marketability to current and potential customers

Is Solar Electricity Right For You?

Using solar electricity is a great choice if:

  • Your property has access to direct sunlight
  • Your current electricity costs are high
  • Your state and federal governments are currently supporting solar electricity with grants and other incentives

Why Do Licensed Roofing Professionals Make the Best Solar Installers?

Many people don’t realize that when any work is done on roof systems warranted by the manufacturer, a roofer certified with that manufacturer must be present to oversee the work done on that roof. Failure to have a certified roofer present could not only cause a leak because of improper sealing of penetrations made through the roof, it will also void the roof warranty.

Macri Roofing, Inc. is certified with all major roofing manufacturers and will ensure that the solar array is installed correctly; protecting warranties and providing customers with their own, personal power source.

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